About Hospital Blankets

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital will get that warm and cozy feeling when thinking of the hospital blankets. The blankets are always warm and inviting and give you a feel of being at home.

The hospitals all have similar bedding for their patients, some may opt for a more high quality blanket or spread, but even the lower cost hospital blanket is still a cozy one. We as patients can be hard to please and the idea of the blanket is that is suitable to everyone. The blanket is kept light weight as to not interfere with patients who have sutures or incision and may not want anything heavy on them. They are woven, flannel, or quilted for warmth but light weight enough to not create the patient to sweat underneath the blanket.

The non snag surface of the hospital blanket serves many purposes, the main one being IV or other medical tubes being snagged, and there is also the idea that the patient with an incision or staples would suffer immensely from a snag on the blanket in the middle of the night, maybe causing a tear or rip that will become infected or need to be re-closed.

The blankets are often warmed for patients who are just coming out of surgery, providing the added warmth needed when the medication that has been administered will make their blood run cold and give them the chills or shakes. The weight of the blanket is perfectly measured to not be too heavy but heavy enough to create a sense of security while lying underneath it. Just as we swaddle our newborn infants to create the security for them to have an undisturbed night of sleep, the hospitals have ensured we get the same feeling form the bedding they provide.

The material of the blankets is easy to wash and dry quickly so as to relieve some stress from the one who does the laundry. Keeping price in mind, there are several options for purchase. When deciding what blanket is right for you, you first need to decide if it is going to act as a blanket and a spread or if you will be purchasing a spread as well. Most blankets are sold to act as a spread cover for the bed and this is usually sufficient and makes less laundry and is easier on the patient. Having an extra quilted spread on top of the blanket is usually too much weight and too warm for the patient and this only means that they will have to remove the spread when they are ready to lay down, which in the hospital is most of your visit.

The blankets are available in several different materials, patterns, and colors, making it easy to coordinate to any room décor. If the blanket will act as a spread there are several cool patterns that give an upscale feel to them and do not leave the room feeling too busy or loud. What ever choice you make, rest assured the professionals have tested and approved the blankets and patients agree they are the best fit.


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